Meet Linda

Meet Linda

Linda Martin has been involved in egg art since 1984 and has been teaching throughout the U.K. and the U.S.A. for many years and more recently has been taking part in egg art shows in Germany. 

Linda Martin Egg Designs is an established mail order egg crafting supplies business based in the United Kingdom, with a world-wide customer base. We have a wide experience and knowledge of other crafts which is often a great help in developing new ideas and applications of materials.

Linda’s work has received many prizes over the years including Best in Show both in the U.K. and in the U.S.A. and is an experienced judge (formerly for the, now dis-banded, Egg Crafters Guild of Great Britain) and also for the International Egg Art Guild.

Her egg art designs have been published in various craft and specialist magazines and she now self-publishes books and magazines on the subject.

The predominantly mail order egg art supplies business has been established for some years and supplies egg artists around the world with quality materials to enhance their art form. Linda has a different approach to egg decorating. 

An advocate of trying ‘non-conventional’ materials for the craft, she has developed some unusual concepts in her egg decorating work. As a result, the egg art supplies catalogue contains some exciting and innovative products, including over 120 instructional leaflets designed by Linda and an assortment of kits for all abilities and plenty of illustrations of finished egg art designs, in addition to the basic materials which are conventionally linked with egg art. 

Linda is passionate about spreading the word about egg art and passing on the various techniques which are used. To that end, she is now producing instructional videos and has created a twenty-four hour helpline in the form of a Facebook group page to help artists with any questions they may have about any aspect of egg art.

Being almost entirely self-taught, Linda is well aware of the difficulties facing new egg artists when trying to work out how to do things without help available and the group fulfils this need with advice being offered from artists around the world. 

Seminars are taught when time permit at the seminar room at the business premises and Linda also teaches in other locations.

As you look through the website, you will discover more ways in which Linda is able to help with advice to help you achieve your goals. 

I look forward to meeting and helping you.

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