Online Learning

The above design, 'Baby's Memory Box' is available in pattern form on Egg Art Online

Online Learning

Would you like to learn egg art?  Linda has an online learning centre which allows you to learn egg art from the comfort of your own home. 

'Egg Art Online' by Linda Martin was developed to encourage more people to learn the beautiful art form of egg art.  Many lessons are free to learn and available in video for  your learning pleasure.

Other patterns and lessons can be purchased for a small fee and all purchases are downloadable so you  can keep them and use them over and over at your leisure.

Egg Art Online by Linda Martin

Egg art online can be access by the link below. You will need to join (which is free) and any purchases can be paid for online easily. Don't forget to sign up to Egg Art Online's mailing list to be kept informed of new lessons and materials that become available.
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