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WELCOME to Linda Martin Egg Designs…....

Linda Martin started egg decorating in 1984 and has been teaching egg art design for many years, both in the UK and latterly in the United States.  She has taught and judged for the Egg Crafters Guild of Great Britain and is a member of  the  International Egg Art Guild.  Her egg designs have been published in "Popular Crafts" magazine, Aline Becker's Egg Journal, the International Egg Art Guild magazine and other publications and have been available for sale since 1990. Linda’s  egg art has won many prizes including "Best in Show" in the UK and the USA.

Linda Martin Egg Designs is an established mail order egg crafting  supplies business based in the United Kingdom, with a world-wide customer base. We also have a wide experience and knowledge of other crafts which is often a great help in developing new ideas and applications of materials.

Linda has a different approach to egg decorating. An advocate of trying ‘non-conventional’ materials for the craft, she has developed some unusual concepts in her egg decorating work. As a result, our egg art supplies catalogue contains some exciting and innovative products, including over 100 instructional leaflets by Linda herself and over 80 patterns by Joan Huff. Also listed are an assortment of kits for all abilities and plenty of illustrations of finished egg art designs, in addition to the basic materials which are conventionally linked with egg art.

 Our newsletters include new product lines and egg designs to keep egg decorating constantly moving forward.

are available by mail order. Payment can be made by credit card, sterling cheque or postal order.

Please ring for details telephone/fax to 01253 702703 (UK calls) or +44 1253 702703 (outside of the UK)


Seminar Days
Linda Martin Egg Designs now promote a series of seminar days and other events around the United Kingdom, with the aim of introducing as many people as possible to egg art.

Visitors to the events are assured of a warm welcome and an inspiring day, whether they are newcomers to egg art or seasoned egg decorators. See our Diary page for a list of up-coming events. 


Need help?
Linda is always willing to help you with your egg decorating queries and assist you in your selection of goods. You can be     assured of honest advice and help… everyone has to start somewhere and a little advice can save a lot of heartache!

Linda Martin Egg Designs look forward to meeting and helping you.


Unit G, Bank View , Shard Lane, Hambleton, Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire,  United Kingdom.   FY6 9BX
Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 1253 702703 • Email: